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I am new here to the forum.  I am wondering about my diabetes condition and its affect on my eyesight.  I have been getting blurry vision and I went to the eye doctor thinking I had to get glasses.  Then when I had my vision checked, my eye doctor informs me that I have diabetic retinopathy.  I am worried about this condition especially since I drive truck.  I have to be able to see clearly if I am to be driving for a company.  I drive across the country so obviously I put in a lot of miles and I am on the road 8 hours a day.  Even at night.  I notice that I have more trouble at night seeing where to drive and such.  So I am wondering if there are any rules or regulations on driving and having diabetic retinopathy?  I don't know much about it other than I have had trouble seeing.  Has anyone like a truck driver know about this and what did you do to keep driving on the road?  Did you have to have any type of documentation to carry with you?  Did you still keep working as a truck driver?


Hello, Guest.  Your eye doctor would be the best person to ask about whether you are safe to be driving. How do you think you are doing as far as driving with your eyesight the way it is?  You need to be honest with yourself so that you can realistically drive knowing that you are safe on the road.  As long as your eye doctor gives you a go ahead about driving safely, you don't need any documentation to carry with you.  How are your blood sugars?  Are they well-controlled?  Are you driving without any hyper- or hypoglycemic episodes?

Are there truck drivers reading this that have any other information?