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I am from the UK and I need information about the new medical standards for drivers with diabetes.  I just became diabetic  and I want to know what the new medical standards are.  I heard that I had better look into it because it affects me and I don't want to be in trouble with the law if there is something that needs to be known about it.  I drive to work every day and it is about 45 minutes commute time.  I see coppers along the way an awful lot so I would much rather not get pulled over and have them question me about my diabetic condition. 


There are many rules and regulations to note about UK driving and the new medical standards for people with diabetes.  A Group 1 driver who has had two or more episodes of hypoglycemia requiring help from another person at any time, within a year's time, is mandated to report this to the DVLA and will be told not to drive.  When a Group 2 driver of a bus has one or more hypoglycemic episodes requiring assistance within a year's time must inform the DVLA as well and will not be able to drive.  A hypoglycemic episode that they are referring to are the kind that can be assistance from the paramedics, hospital staff, or someone helping to give you glucagon when you cannot do it for yourself.  It is too keep diabetics who are having multiple hypos that are severe enough that they cannot help themselves give themselves glucagon or food to bring their sugars back up to normal.

Are there any UK diabetic drivers who had their license taken away because of too many hypoglycemic incidents?  How long was it before you got your license back and what did you have to do to get it back?