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I heard about a diabetic that failed a visual field test when trying to get his license renewed but the DVLA revoked his license. I am now afraid to try to get MY license in case I fail my visual field test!  I cannot go without a license but if I can't read their test, I may as well kiss it goodbye!  Has anyone else had this problem?  How did you get your license back???


The visual field test requires that a driver in the UK have a minimum horizontal field of vision of 120 degrees and no significant defect of more than 20 degrees of fixation.  If your vision deviates from this requirement, then you can have your license revoked.  You should go to your eye doctor if this is a concern for you.  The eye doctor can check everything over and offer correction for anything that is amiss.  Of course, there is no way of getting some things of vision back, such as a loss in the field of vision. 

When a patient is newly diagnosed with a visual field issue, they will be told not to drive until assessed more thoroughly.  The patient has to notify the DVLA who will arrange testing called the Estermann's visual field test.  The DVLA will have their own optometrist perform this test and will send a report into the medical officers.  They, in turn, will make the final decision on whether the patient is safe to drive. 

Are you having any issues with driving?  Are you seeing well with your peripheral vision?  If you are seeing just fine out of the corners of your eye, you should do o.k. with the visual field test.  However, if you are having trouble with that type of vision, you should see a optometrist.  You want to be a safe driver and the way to do that is to make sure you see well enough to do so.