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What is the protocol for getting your driving license if you are diabetic? Do they do visual field tests every time you go in to renew? I am having some issues with my vision but I haven't been to the doctor for some time now.  Do I really need to have it done?  I would like to go in and renew my license and go home.  What has other diabetics done to get out of doing the visual field tests?  I am sure my peripheral vision is ok anyway.


If you are a controlled diabetic and you have regular sight tests along with all the other care option you’re offered there shouldn’t be an issue with you renewing you driving licence. You only have to declare a problem if you’ve previously had one diagnosed.

If you think you’ve got problems with your vision you should get your eyes tested anyway as it could well be you diabetes that’s causing it – diabetes can cause retinopathy and glaucoma and that can lead to permanent loss of vision in the long term. From your own health point of view you should get your eyes checked regularly, never mind dodging eye test to get your licence.