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I have been a diabetic for 10 years and have been visiting my doctor regularly. Few months ago he referred me to a new ophthalmologist who after examination said that i have extensive diabetic retinopathy and that I should no longer drive? Was anyone denied from driving due to diabetic retinopathy??? I'm really frustrated, I enjoy driving. Please help


I am sorry to hear that you have diabetic retinopathy so bad that your ophthalmologist recommends that you no longer drive.  What is your opinion about your vision?  Do you feel you can see well enough to safely drive, in the daylight and at night?  I know it almost seems like a handicap when you can't drive and have to rely on someone to drive you around. If you don't pass the eye exam at the driver's license office, they will not give you a license to drive.  If you feel you can see well enough, maybe you can see another opthamologist about a second opinion.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Did you have your license taken away due to poor vision that couldn't be corrected?