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I have a question about HGV drivers who lost their driving license after diabetes diagnosis.  I was wondering about whether to even tell the driving license issuers about my having diabetes?  If it means I will lose my license and cannot drive, then it isn't even worth it.  I shouldn't lie, but I can't risk losing my means of drive. 


I would not think it would be a good idea to keep anything from the driving license bureau.  I believe that the bureau could and would find out about your diabetes eventually through other means so it would behoove you to report it so that you don't have a fine or license taken away anyway.  What type of diabetes do you have?  If you are type 2 diabetic, you will not have the hypoglycemic episodes like type 1 diabetic since they take insulin. If a person takes insulin, he or she will need to be careful that their sugars do not take a dive and cause disorientation or pass out.  This is why the DVLA is trying to determine if anyone who has frequent hypos that lead to disorientation, etc. are in their database and license revoked.  Having a severe hypo is just as bad as being intoxicated from alcohol.  So the DVLA is keeping diabetics with severe hypos "off the road."  It isn't fair to some people but it is to keep everyone safe.  If a person is able to control their blood sugars for a certain length of time, they can get their license back.

So unless you have this issue, you shouldn't have anything to worry about.  You shouldn't lie to the DVLA and tell them that you are diabetic if asked.  I believe there is a questionnaire when applying for or renewing that will ask about the tendency of hypoglycemic episodes.  If your doctor is aware of any multiple episodes within a year's time, he is required to report it.