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Hello, I'm getting close to having to renew my drivers licence. I'm a recently diagnosed type 2 and I've heard that they have changed the laws. I'm not sure how to say what I need to say or fill out the forms properly. My neighbor suggested that I should talk with my doctor but I don't know. I take insulin and I have my BG under control. I've only experienced a few hypos and they were really mild. I haven't had any trouble driving and I haven't had any accidents. I get so nervous when places like the DVLA ask questions. I always feel like I've been put on the spot. Can someone please advise. Thanks.



Hello, The UK is a bit of a sticky wicket when it comes to renewing drivers licence. As far as I know, the DVLA will give you a short-term licence that needs to be renewed again. The last time I checked if you have 2 hypos in a year where you needed the assistance of someone else, driving or not, you licence can be suspended and you will need to renew it again. You must show you have your hypos under control. That's the way it has been for some time but I believe that is about to change. The new laws are about to present, as part of a wider medical reform, that if you have two hypos within a year you probably will lose your licence permanently. Simply put, it you end up in two situations where you need help with your hypo, like getting food or what ever (like getting sick, flu), you won't be able to get a licence again. This seems very harsh given other types of driving or otherwise mishaps but that's what they want to do. This seems unrealistic for most diabetics because they cause no harm to the public whereas people who are taking other pharmaceuticals and even alcohol cause far more damage. I think that this ruling needs further study and is unreasonable and all of us need to pull together to change this. If we all pull together, maybe we can get something done.