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I am looking to get my license in the UK and I have diabetes type 1 so I am thinking I might have some special conditions to fulfill before getting it?  Does anyone know about this?  I have well controlled sugars for the most part.  Do you think I need to get a doctor's note or something? 


Hello, Guest!  There should not be any reason why you cannot get your license in the UK just because you have type 1 diabetes.  Your doctor will tell you if he or she believes you can safely drive on the roads, so you should be able to get a license or retain it.  You may have to deal with your insurance company and explain to them that you have type 1 diabetes and let the Driving Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA) know; explain to them how it is controlled so that they have that information.  It is important to let the DVLA know that you have type 1 if you are applying for the license for the first time and if you take medication or insulin to treat it.  If you have any type of diabetic complications that may interfere with driving, they need to know that as well.  You don't have to tell them if you are treated by diet alone or medication that will not bring on hypoglycemia.  The main thing is that you are not at risk of any hypoglycemic episodes, especially when driving.  It is a matter of safety on the road for everyone involved.  It is your responsibility to tell the DVLA if you can become hypoglycemic.


You having well-controlled sugars so it should not be an issue.  Are there any UK drivers out there that have type 1 diabetes and would care to share any stories or experiences?