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Hello all, I have a question about driving. I need some info on dvla and driving licence renewal. I'm not sure what information I need to apply for renewal and what if anything I need to tell the dvla (Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency). I'm really kind of scared about this. I really need to drive to get to work and if I can't drive anymore I don't know what I'll do. Has anyone been through this before and if so what did you do. Can I even drive to renew my licence. What if I can't drive back. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, Many people who have diabetes drive everyday. This is important to maintain independence and allow people to get to their jobs, school and shopping. Most people that are diabetic are capable of driving safely. However, there are certain situations where being diabetic can interfere with being able to drive safely. In the U.S., as you know we are a country of 50 states, the laws vary according to state. So all of our states have certain licensing rules about medical conditions. Diabetes is just one type of medical condition there are rules about. Some states apply rules to all drivers with diabetes and other states have rules that apply to the use of certain medications or symptoms. Such as taking insulin, hypoglycemia, seizures, vision problems, neuropathies and loss of consciousness. To find out what your state requires from you, you will need to go on the computer to your states DVLA. The site will have info on driver license renewal and diabetes. This is for noncommercial licenses so if you are a commercial driver you'll need to go to that site as they have different rules. For the most part, you should be able to continue to drive as usual.