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I suffered my Lisfranc fracture on July 1. (Returning the neighbor's wandering dog, in the dark, in bare feet.) Misdiagnosed as a bad sprain (actually, the ER physician misread the X-ray, which noted no break to the ANKLE, but was positive for break of FOOT. Oops.). After 3 weeks of incredible pain and swelling I went to my doc, who immediately sent me to an Ortho Care Center. Their approach has been very lacksidaisical, basically, "Too bad, crummy luck" and suggest I wait til arthritis sets in to have the bones fused (since the arch did not collapse). At least I got a referral to a sports specialist in the practice, though trying to get an appointment at this poorly managed place is next to impossible.

Like many of you, I've been really depressed about this injury. I'm 46, an avid recreational walker (or was), normally travel for work, and of course things come up like we are moving to a new house and I am no use at all when it comes to moving boxes, etc. I'm gaining weight. . . . and just gernally feel like I'm aging before my very eyes. *wah*


Hi Shamrock: Welcome to the Lisfranc club! Follow these threads for a lot of information. The first thread is full of information and the second thread is because the first thread got too full. I would really appreciate it if you would do all of your Replys on the 2nd thread.

I know how you feel having survived a Lisfranc injury, I'm 11 months post injury and have recently (today) been told I also have arthritis.

Some weblinks state that only 1 out of 55,000 persons present with a lisfranc injury so we're a rare breed which is why I'm trying to get the few of us out there to share what we know so that we can all learn together.

Part I:

Part II:

Cheers, Kelly


I tripped over my own feet 6/11/07 and am six weeks into my injury.
No displaced bones or tendon. Thank goodness. I have gotten out of plaster prison and am now in an air cast boot. I can't remove it at night and have had problems sleeping. I pray all is healing well and I won't need surgery. Will be non-weight bearing for another 2 weeks and then can start walking in the boot. I'm trying to keep a good frame of mind since I didn't need surgery, but to tell the truth I don't know which is worse - the boot or the plaster cast. I still get depressed since I'm limited on activities. My foot also is getting hot and I had been taking Celebrex to help the inflammation. Did anyone else have this problem once they were put into a boot? Can someone tell me how you sleep with this darn thing on.

Hanging in there and counting the days until I can walk.