Hi there, I just joined the site. Hoping I can get some answers of at least get pointed in the right direction. I'm a 42 year old male, I've worked in retail for 16 years so I am on my feet a lot. About a year and a half ago I developed a bump on the Achilles tendon of my left leg. Saw an orthopedic surgeon and he diagnosed it as tendonitis. I've gone through physio, rest, etc..etc, and nothing has helped it so I just live with it and I am in pain with it every day. I've now started developing other strange things.. I've got tailbone pain, I've had an x-ray done on it, and again they found nothing wrong. I get random aching calf muscle on the right side, and I've now got pain on the fifth Metatarsal bone on the right foot, the part that protrudes outwards by the ankle. I can't seem to get a doctor to take me seriously but it feels like something is wrong to cause all these issues other than just fatigue from standing for long periods. Any advise as to where I should be turning?  I'm sorry but now that this has been published I see that it is the wrong place, and I don't know how to move it!