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Hello. I sustained this lisfranc injury 6 weeks ago and today is when I found out what it actually is. I went into the Dr a day after it happened. She put me in "the boot" and told me to wean myself off of crutches when possible. She took x-rays and said nothing was broken. We figured it was just a sprain. Well 5 weeks later I go back because I am still hobbling around. She orders a CT scan and finds that I do have a Lisfranc fracture. The nurse called me with the results today and said the Dr. will get back to me after she talks to the specialist. I am freaking out now. It has been six weeks and nothing has been done with the injury. I haven't been on crutches and I have been walking on this for 5 weeks now. I only used crutches for 1 week and wore this boot for 2 weeks. I have read all these stories and I am scared because it has been such a long time since the injury occured and I have been weight bearing more less the whole time. I read that for better long term results fast action is required. On top of not having any insurance...this is sooo emotionally draining. I assume I will have to have surgery...but it has been 6 weeks without anything already. Does anyone have any similar stories about not getting this fixed right away. And what are your results today?

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Hi Tracy: Welcome to the Lisfranc club! Follow these threads for a lot of information. The first thread is 15 pages full of information and the second thread is because the first thread got too full. I would really appreciate it if you would do all of your Replys on the 2nd thread.

I wouldn't worry too much. By the sounds of your symptoms, it sounds a lot better than others that have posted on the links below. Like you, I also have a Lisfranc injury. I had no surgery. No weight-bearing x-rays and I'm SLOWLY getting better and I did my injury on February 20! I'm finding that I can do more and more all the time so stay positive AND I can see a healthy lifestyle coming back in the near future. From what I have learned this is a patience forming injury - something that I'm not the best at but getting better every day! tee hee

On Part I there are lots of urls with medical information and 15 pages of other people's experience/questions and Part II has been started because Part I was getting unruly. Please help me by posting your Replys on Part II.

Some weblinks state that only 1 out of 55,000 persons present with a lisfranc injury so we're unique! Because of this, I'm trying to get everyone to post their questions on as few threads as possible so that we can pool our support and answers.

Part I:

Part II:

Cheers, Kelly