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My right foot was crushed at the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals 18 years ago. I recently reinjuried the same foot and area. I was told that I have an old Lisfranc fracture (I never had surgery for this years ago). I now have arthritis in the joint. My foot has been non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. I was told today I have to wear the air cast for 6 more weeks because the foot isn't healing. I have been told this is a bad injury and they is no good options. The doctors have also discussed the option of surgery which would "clean out" the joint and fuse the bones. I teach Jazzercise and would like to know the best options in order to return to teaching. Does anyone have experience with surgery for arthritis for a foot joint? I have a lot of burning and tingling in the foot due to the nerve running over the joint being damaged. Any help for this?


Hi Poohtlb: Welcome to the Lisfranc club! Follow these threads for a lot of information. The first thread is full of information and the second thread is because the first thread got too full. I would really appreciate it if you would do all of your Replys on the 2nd thread.

I know how you feel having survived a Lisfranc injury, I'm 11 months post injury.

Some weblinks state that only 1 out of 55,000 persons present with a lisfranc injury so we're a rare breed which is why I'm trying to get the few of us out there to share what we know so that we can all learn together.

Part I:

Part II:

Cheers, Kelly