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I was first diagnosed with granulosa cell tumor of my left ovary in 2011. and since then I had complete oophorectomy and hysterectomy, with complete tumor being removed since at that point it was in stage one. My oncologist at the time didn’t think I needed chemotherapy because the tumor was removed and chemotherapy is generally considered not to be so successful for this type of cancer.

However, my latest tests are starting to show increase in tumor marker Inhibin B and I still have CT scan to confirm the recurrence, but what I’m wondering now is will the chemotherapy be effective at this point?


Hi Guest,

Chemotherapy is an option as is radiotherapy.  There are different types of chemo and BEP is commonly used to treat these type of tumors.

These tumors do tend to reoccur.

Might I suggest a second opinion?  Without knowing your full history it is hard to suggest alternatives.  Chemo would be recommended after having the surgery.