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I had upper right lobe lobectomy last March, shortly after it was discovered I have stage 1a lung cancer. My recovery went as well as it could, but even now I’m having so much breathing problems. I get out of breath almost completely even during the simplest activities and it can take some time before my breathing becomes normal again. At the last oncologist appointment he suggested what I know was coming – chemo, but I have no idea how will I get through it because I already get exhausted and out of breath while I walk. He is sending me to the pulmonologist first, and I’m hoping it’s just what’s to be expected when you have one lung lobe less, but if it isn’t, what else could cause me to constantly have breathing problems? Could it be that tumor has returned?



it is expected that you experience some problems with breathing after the lung lobectomy, especially during the period in which your remaining lung tissue expands to fill in the area left. This process can be smoother if you start doing specially designed breathing exercises - someone at the hospital where you had the surgery, or your surgeon on follow up visit shoal be able to point you where you can learn them. However, it would also be vise to see a pulmonologist, just to make sure your recovery is going as planned and for him to give you an opinion about  your breathing problems, especially since some chemotherapy medication could cause them to worsen,

Hang in there,