6 weeks ago I found out I had a 4.4mm kidney stone. Last Wednesday I went in for surgery and had a stent placed. The doctor told me that I would be in mild discomfort with the stent and when he took it out. I was in pain for 6 days from the stent. Burning down there, kidney and back pain, couldn't get comfortable anywhere. Stent came out 2 days ago. Again I was told mild discomfort. Yeah right- burning burning burning is all I have had. It burns down there so bad for hours on end. I sit on the toilet and cry it hurts so bad. I feel like I have to go and nothing comes out. Sitting on the toilet helps because I just sit there and push. On top of it I haven't had a bowel movement in days and I'm dealing with that pain as well. Is all this burning normal? I was on antibiotics for 7 days and just finished them today so I'm just a little concerned about still feeling like this. Any answers would be appreciated! Thanks.