I'm 22/female and a few years ago was diagnosed with Patellofemoral Maltracking by my knee specialist. He gave me braces for both knees and put me through physical therapy to build up the muscle in my legs and hips to support my knee caps from shifting so much. They also pop and crackle like crazy when I put pressure on them (stairs, squatting, lunging, all of which I avoid now).

All of those things have helped but recently I've become super sensitive to anything touching my knees. I refuse to wear pants because my knees become so umcomfortable while constricted. I also cant sleep with a blanket resting on them because of the sensation. Even such things like a table cloth resting on them at the dinner table causes discomfort.

Basically, I've become hyper aware of anything brushing or grazing my knee caps. and with winter approaching I need to fix it.

Has anyone experience this and if so what did you do to deal with it or fix it??

Please help!!