Hi im 47 years old i just got diagnosed with the polymyothis feb 2017 but i also have ddd spinle stanoses and syotica damage and spazticaty.i have a hard time walking far or long periods.when i go shoping for groceries with my friend iv had episodes of my legs went numb and limp and i collapsed.but any ways just this last nov i had surgery they took my gallbladder and iv been sick off and on now this week the bathroom has been my friend and yesterday i was trying to cook for my family and felt really lightheaded and really hot felt like i was going to black out.my dr that diagnosed me left march this year she told me alot of dr's dont know alot about this dieas.i have a new dr he didnt know anything about it so he had to study on it its been a little over a month now sents i seen him.i just dont kbow what to do i really wish my dr never left im scared and uncomfortable.thank you for listening .