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My Gender: MALE
Age: 22

As im trying to figure out how im going to explain this as accuriate as i can............there are several problems ive been having. I'm sorry if there is any confushion here because explaining this is very difficult for me to even sort out for yas to read it right. Not that great of a writer but heres whats been going on.

I noticed for along time that i couldn't pee as fast as most people during urination since hmmm its hard to even remember when this even first begins taking place, because it kinda started off not bad at all to where i could barely think anything was even going wrong. I believe ive always had this problem since i was a teenager but havnt noticed it till it got worse and hit me good one day at this age of being 22.

I went to the doctor because i was having a hard time getting the pee to come out of my penis/flow/pressure(lots of the times i would have to wait a long while to get it to come out, and forcing it alot just makes it take longer/worse so ya kinda gotta make the muscle under go less stress/relaxed while trying to pee, and every couple seconds release it/sometimes i can but not very often get a good flow going/very hard for me to focus on doing this because it now becomes a hard mind challenging & controlable thing to do and it even gets very worse to go in public bathroom places for some reason because i cant hardly focus to control this muscle/whats the word for this muscle or is it just the prostate? well embaressing it is very to me., sometimes can take along time to go and really really really sucks so bad). All you guys advice you dont know how greatfully appreciated it is for me. As i dont have very much support and dont know what im suppose to do because of this being one of the most important problems.

Seemes like and feels like it's an internal problem. Like there was no pressure or lack of something to get that pressure of urine out. Plus sometimes burning during urination and my testicles hurted. Not as much now that i have been drinking large amounts of water all day long and going to the bathroom very very often, since the urge to go comes pretty constant when drinking alot of water. Still i have not had any signs of much improvement as a few months went bye since ive seen the doctor(the infection/bacteria of some sort that they say i have). Yeah and the stabing pains between the balls and whatever else it felt like hurts so bad and happens not so often but omg its hurts very bad for the few seconds it last. At first it was getting worse everyday, until i tried drinking the large amounts of water. (but working and going back to the bathroom every second if i drink alot of water, and i mean alot, not sure on the exact amount but i try to drink it often as i can,

This is the worst problem ive ever had in my life and hasnt got any better and has got worse before but the water thing helps make a big difference, i just dont know if water can completely flush the bacterial out or if its been possible. The doctor told me that i was diagnosed with acute prostatits)but he is sure i have it because they did some test on me, urine sample and inner message/him pressing on my stomach in certain areas i guess where organs are or something? that other odd procedure, not sure what the technical name for it is. They thought the pills thing would work but didnt for the four weeks ive been on them straight, on two different types.

I have been to the doctor several times and got prescribed two different meds because the first week ones didnt work, and neither did the second ones (and they up the strength of the pills). Well i went back and like i said in the above about the water, the doctor told me to drink plenty of fluids and come back in another two weeks, he didnt think i needed anything more prescriptions and in my system for to long it seemed(Just drink water for a few weeks he has told me). I still got the problem and i dont know what to do because i cant get any kinda insurrance and these medical bills are pretty expensive. And its been a month and a few more days that gone bye. Also when i get the urge to pee my penis will shrink so abnormally to where i got like an inch out/Like loss of blood flow, it gets all scronged up like its squished. Normally it hangs a over out over a few inches normally when its not hard/sorry for not using the right technical terms for this. This is weird but i notice this everytime i have to go pee. Also i have a hard time getting my penis to ejaculate some times, and sometimes it wont even expand for a long period of time of ejaculation problems. WHen my penis is fully expanded its about average size of anyone elses, its 7inches. The doctor told me i should have sex/jack off alot when i can because this has to do with the canal the sperm leads down that gets infected which the urin canal in these areas, and having the body release some of the fluids/precum or discharge, dunno the proper sayins here. He laughed and tried not to make it not to funny but recommend it and said thats what im prescripbed to do just trying to be funny. Yeah if i didnt have the problem i did i wouldnt laugh but would jacking off get rid of the infection quicker, if i did it all the time.

I also have alot of bone pain all throughout my body that stinks slash burns and variates. in certain areas of leg and thys/heel and including my arms everyday and it is worse depending on the day how long im standing on my feet will also begin to sting and hurt all day<-- are also not normal and are pretty flat and barely have an arch in them, i work 8 hours a day, for 6 days of the week, yeah i get told i shouldnt have arthurititis at this age but im seriously think it is because this has been going on for a very long time and i thought it was lack of vitamins/milk/calcium for my health.
(yeah i tried drinking milk and vitamin things for awhile, didnt notice anything improving on that either) Plus drinking the milk, i would drink a few glasses a day and one of the reasons i dont like milk is because it makes me have to go craps to much, and go increasingly.

and get a stabbing pain in the middle of my back at times like something poking at a nerve, kinda like when you sleep on the wrong side of your neck and you cant move it for awhile and hurts bad but its in your upper back towards middle of sholders(this only happens depending how i lay on my back at night which i cant sleep like this. This might not be a good way for me to explain, sometimes laying on my side can cause it to, or the type of chair but thats how i believe it feels but it kinda shocks you for a moment because if you move it seems like its major pain for the couple of the minutes it last and you dont even want to think about moving when it happens.

So yeah i would go to the doctor but as of now i cant even afford it so, health wise/anything that anyone could recommend/addvice? thx for all who read all of this and replied.


Hey Rob, you need to talk to Dave. Between the two of you, you could come up with some real interesting case studies.


Rob, I think I can help! Prostatitis is a very hard infection to get rid of and in some rare cases it is inflammation that is not coming from infection. The prostate surrounds your urethra, which is why you are having urinary problems. If there is infection in your urine, this indicates that your prostate is probably infected as well. When you get prostatitis, it causes the gland to swell around the urethra, preventing you from being able to urinate and ejaculate. It can cause difficulty ejaculating as well as urinating.

This can cause severe deep pain and pain that radiates upward toward your back and shoulders and down into your groin and testicles. So it seems that all your symptoms are related to prostatitis. Because this gland is deep in your pelvis, it is very difficult to treat infection here. Sometimes men have to stay on antibiotics for weeks to clear this up and sometimes it even takes putting you in the hospital or having home health come out so you can be given IV antibiotics, which have a higher sucess rate of curing this infeciton.

You need to go back to your doctor and insist that some additional testing is done to see if a cause can be determined. You deserve to get this treated and resolved. But please keep in mind once a man is prone to prostatitis, it can become a chronic issue. So that means the minute you feel it coming on, you need to seek treatment. Good luck!


What was the outcome in this case guys? I have something similar!