I've had diarrhea for exactly a week now, accompanied by abdominal cramps and pains. I've probably been going 4-5 times a day. The stools aren't watery, just very loose. They started off green, then yellow, and now back to brown. They also seem to be becoming more solid. But after a week now of having these abnormal bowel movements, I'm now having a host of other problems. Now I'm having body aches, neck, back, obliques, legs, am becoming lightheaded and very sensitive to light. Temperature is currently at 99F. I originally thought this might have been a some sort of stomach bug/virus/flu, but it's now been a week and not going away! I'm 23 years old, very healthy, and am not on any medication. I am drinking a lot of liquids and am eating adequately. I do plan on seeing a doctor this upcoming week, but am just looking for simliar experiences or advice until then. Thanks everyone :) And I apologize for posting this twice, I can't figure out how to delete the other posting.