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I am about 5 weeks pregnant. On Friday night, I had what I thought was a bad reaction to a meal (red meat, which i don't normally eat. I also have ulcerative collitis and a sensitive stomach) which included severe cramps and abdominal pain. I was in extreme pain for about 1-2 hours, and then managed to fall asleep. I threw up a little and then had diarreah. My stomach is still a little "sour" 3 days later and I was concerned that maybe I had a miscarriage. There was no blood at all.

I made an appt for an ultra sound for next week but I just wanted to ask. I did have a miscarriage earlier this year and I experienced mild and quick cramping followed by a little bleeding.


Nah, you could have just gotten food poisoning. Since there wasn't any blood, you didn't miscarry. There is always blood when there's a miscarriage!
Good luck with the ultrasound! ;-)