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My son threw up twice and had two loose bowel movements on Sunday, then one soft BM on Monday but was basically back to normal on Tuesday. We originally thought he had a stomach virus but in retrospect I was wondering if there was more to it. One thing I found out of place is that at no time did he have a fever which is generally an indication of a virus.

The previous Saturday, we had dinner at a restaurant and we fed our 16 month old white rice. He wasn't liking it so much so my husband proceeded to pour some gravy (sauce) from the meat dish we were having. The meat was mostly cooked with a small portion of pink in the middle. I wasn't too comfortable with that because I believe there is still some bacteria in the meat if it's not fully cooked, therefore there would be some bacteria in the juices. But my husband and his brother both argued that it was mostly cooked so it would be safe. As I do not know how to cook, I trusted them and let my child eat his rice now flavored with meat juices.

Was this safe to do? Could he have had a bad reaction to the food? How well cooked does meat need to be for it to be safe for a toddler, or even a preschooler?


I doubt it is food poisoning. Food Poisoning usually has some pretty severe symptoms. He probably had a small bacterial infection that has passed.