HI this is my first time posting something....I have been quite concerned for about a month now. About a month ago I went to the doctor for a bump I had which drove me to paranoia. She said I had a minor yeast infection and that she would also be testing me for herpes just to be safe. I received my results everything was fine. A week or two past and I still felt that my yeast infection had not gone away.
I again went to the doctor also concerned with these rough bumps that had formed around my labia minora. She expressed that I had a sever yeast infection and then i was treated again. It has now gone away but I still see that in the inside I have this rough bumps and they itch from time to time, I feel that it may just be me and i expressed my concern and she said I was fine. Could this be cause by the yeast infection? Am I over reacting? I recently started seeing someone but I keep stopping anything from happening because I would never want to possibly pass something to him. HELP!