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I am only 13(14 by the end of Feb) years of age and have NEVER had sex but my Labia minora got really swollen about 5 days ago or so, today the swelling is gone but I noticed that it has started to peel.
I found what looks like a cut on the side of the Labio Minora(the left one) and then ANOTHER cut close to it(the right side) I am not sure if that has anything to do with it, but that is the only thing that I can think of that could of caused anything....
I have been looking up and everything includes itching and discharge. I have had NEITHER- well, besides that uncomfortable tickle my undies caused when I was swollen.... but still, no discharge or itching. The swelling is gone as I said and now the Labia Minora is PEELING! All but around where the clit is.
What should I do and what is it?
I am not sure if I should wait it out or get some balls and tell my mom... :-(


Ooops for "I found what looks like a cut on the side of the Labio Minora(the left one) " I meant Labia Minora.
All day I have been putting an o instead of an a haha.

When I took a shower and well, you know WASHED haha, all the skin that was peeling(dead skin) came off. It reminded me of chapped lips because you know how you can feel it, its kinda hard and dry, then after it comes off the lip is fine but kinda hurts?
That is what it is like right now because all the skin got scrubbed off :-(.

I still don't know if I should tell my mom or just wait for it to heal. Still no discharge or itching, doesn't hurt or anything to go to the bathroom either.
Just the swelling happened, went away and now the peeling.

Thanks in advance if this problem ever gets answered. It is so embarrassing :$


Certainly tell your mum if it doesn't start to get better in a few days.
Have you recently used any kind of cream or lotion there? Or recently started to use tampons? Or been rubbing more vigorously than usual, or recently started masturbating? (sorry to be a bit graphic.)
Trying to figure out what might cause this, which sounds like a mildly allergic reaction to something. If you can associate cause and effect you'll get a much better idea as to whether it needs attention or can be left to its own devices.


I do masturbate, and the night before I didn't(well I don't believe I did) I don't use any cream/lotion or tampons(I use pads).

Nothing that I don't usually do....

I looked it up and yeah saw it might be an allergic reaction- but I can't think of anything that could cause it!

The peeling seems to be getting less(just as the swelling did) it isn't causing me any problems other then just looking weird lol.

- No to cream/lotion

- No to Tampons

-Yes to masturbation.... It has never caused me a problem before, well, sometimes I get sore(to hard/rough) maybe it was that???

I just woke up on Saturday(last week) and it was swollen, it was gone by mid/late monday then was replaced by the peeling yesterday.


Also, should I peel the skin off or should I leave it there? Yesterday all of the dead skin came off when I took a shower, now there is about half or just over half the amount of peeling there was yesterday.
Should I go and rub it off in the shower(or just peel it off) or leave it?

OH and I remember something! Friday night when I took a shower, I was cleaning with my regular scrubby thing and I was rubbing it kind of hard because I was in a rush because the water was getting cold. Then after that! I freaking cut it!!
Could that have anything to do with it?


I guess scrubbing it hard could cause what you describe. (I understand the skin is kind of sensitive there! )
Important thing seems to be it's getting better on its own.
If it shows signs of spreading, or there is an unusual odour, or irritation increases, time to get it checked, methinks, otherwise it's quite likely to just be a reaction to the scrubbing.

No need to peel the skin off, just let it come off in the shower with gentle, regular washing. Pat it dry, avoid hard rubbing. Might be an idea to uses a gentle antiseptic cream just on the area where the skin is exfoliating..something real gentle, preferably with calendula in it. Calendula is a tincture from a common flower with surprisingly potent yet gentle healing effects. But I don't think it's important to do this, unless there is a risk (or sign) of infection.

I suppose you could use a natural moisturiser where you've got that "chapped lips" look. Or maybe just massage a few drops of cold pressed oil into the labia. (Olive oil, or Almond, or Grapeseed. Make sure it's cold pressed and well before it's best by date.)

Might pay, if you masturbate during the healing process, to just be real gentle, and stick to the area near the clit, for a while. Let us know how you get on. If it flares up for no apparent reason, tell your mum, or go to a Dr.


Thank you so much! :-) The peeling is gone(well like 98% haha).
I guess you were right about just letting it do its thing. ^_^

I was so scared haha, I hope this doesn't happen again.


Good one. And you're welcome. (Yes, I'm the same guest.)
Just keep the wire brush away from your special places in future! :-D
I know how any health irregularity, especially where the genitals are concerned, can be a real worry.


Hi there, I'm 19 and recently discovered first itching on my labia minora and now some peeling of the skin.. it just started yesterday after a night of intimacy with my boyfriend, we didn't have sex but everything short of. The fooling around was more rough than usual and for a longer period of time, is it possible I things may have been overworked or should I be concerned with a yeast infection? I'm fairly certain it's not an STD, I'm pretty cautious about that sort of interaction. Any advice?