am a female 23 years old. i had a physical relation with a guy. he had itching on his lower abdomen.we had sex many times but with prote ction and i am sure he was physical with many others too. one day we had unprotected sex it was january 2011. the vary day i got itching on my vagina and some white curd like discharge and it used to burn while urine with an bad odor, i went to see a gynachologist and she said its a fungal infection and she cured me.i was fine in few days, but after a week something came on my lips i guess it was like herpes but i am not sure their was no pain in that, i got some extreme infection in my mouth first time in my life, i was not able to swallow food or water my throat was burning while having food or water. and there was some white patches in my mouth. i went to ENT specialist and he treated me by saying i have infection in was cured in 7 to 8 days. and i was all fine then. after 6 months i got ill badly i had some liver infection i was about to get jaundise.but in some days i was back to healthy. every thing is cured.but whenever the whether gets cold i get that infection in mouth and it get cured itself after 3, 4 days. i had a new boyfriendin 2012 6 months before like we dated for 5 months and we had sex almost every day and that too unprotected. once we had oral sex and after few days he got some retension cyst inside his lower lip as said by doctor. he was asked to get all STD tests including HIV. the result came negative. i am worried that is it possible that i might have any STD or HIV as my early symtoms are somehow related to that.