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Antibiotics: The Basics

Antibiotics are among the most common and most frequently prescribed medications in medicine. While they are ineffective for viral conditions, they can be quite effective in the fight against most, bacterial infections. They are also effective against naturally-occurring bacteria that protect the body from yeast infections. This is also why taking antibiotics tends to increase the risk of yeast infections in the body.

Sinus Infections?

Even though sinus infections are viral in nature and antibiotics are ineffective for viruses, sometimes individuals will believe otherwise, and even take antibiotics for bad sinus infections where the buildup of mucus is usually very high. The fact that antibiotics are not particularly effective in fighting viral infections, together with the fact that it is also more difficult for them to penetrate the thick mucus, means they will take an even longer time. Better options such as: rinsing with saline solution can be more effective for sinus infections.

The Length of Time Antibiotics Take To Work Depends On:

The length of time it takes before antibiotics start working varies, since this depends on but are not limited to factors such as: The amount of time it takes for them to reach the infected area, the spectrum, strength/ dosage of the medication, if the medication is taken as prescribed -in their entirety, how the body tolerates the medication, what organism is causing the infection, and the site or area of the infection: For example, if the condition is heart-related, it could take a longer time to treat as well as to be effective.

Half-Lives of Antibiotics

Antibiotics require "half-lives" for them to get to a steady state. In other words, they need to establish a constant level in the body to be most effective. So, the body must become accustomed to the constant level of the medication. This level usually occurs at 'half time' or 'half-life' following the first dosage. This is why it is important to not stop until the course is completed, since antibiotics usually require a steady and constant level in the body for them to work at their optimum.

Antibiotics such as Amoxicillin(Amoxyl) effect do not usually lasts longer than the half-life. Therefore, even if they are prescribed to be taken three times a day, they usually start to work within 24-48 hours. Keep in mind however there are exceptions to this rule: For example, a bad case of Pneumonia or Tuberculosismay take a longer time to treat and to be effective.

Typically however, 5-6 doses of antibiotics is usually enough to experience a full and complete effect. That said, since antibiotics differ from each other, they also work differently. As such, how they will work, time, and how long they will take to work, as well as the individual taking the antibiotic.

Final Words of Caution

Antibiotics should never be abused or misused. Rather, they should not be taken by other individuals, who have not seen the prescribing doctor; they should not be used for longer or shorter duration than intended. Bacteria and bacterial infections have the ability to restructure. Therefore, if antibiotics are not taken until finished, the bacteria will still be present; since the exposure to the full course of treatment required to completely destroy them, was shortened.

This makes the antibiotics more resistant to the bacteria, and in essence useless and ineffective, since the defense against them is now present, and they can no longer penetrate the infection, As such, NEVER ABUSE ANTIBIOTICS OR OTHER MEDICATIONS! They are most effective, when taken as directed and for the length of time stipulated by your doctor. So, even if you start feeling better before you have completed the course of treatment.

In most cases and when taken as prescribed, antibiotics will usually start to work as soon as they penetrate the affected area(s). This can take anywhere from 24 -48 hours, at which time you will not be fully recovered. So again, please DO NOT DISCONTINUE YOUR ANTIBIOTICS UNTIL THEY ARE COMPLETELY GONE. As always-Be well- and as always- play it safe.

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