Can you get an std from receiving oral and someone rubbing their bare penis against ur vagina ? Then once time for penetration they put on a condom? I am a virgin and I went to the doctor for this problem ... On the 23rd of December the situation occurred with the rubbing of the penis and all then on New Year's Eve/day I got an boil/cyst on the lip of my vagina (I normally get these) and it went away after applying an hot towel like always ... I'd been taking lots of antibiotics and steroids and started feeling really uncomfortable on mlk day I went to the doctor and she looked and swabbed and told me I had an yeast infection instead of taking the 3 pills she gave me I instead took the one pill a doctor before gave me and I've still been noticing little bumps on clit hood and 3 white spots on the side of clitoris. Should I be worried ???