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I am sixteen years old, and was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis two years ago. I was put on medications such as Prednisone, but am now off of it. Everyone on my mother’s side has some sort of auto-immune disease. I have had astigmatism since I was 2, and lately (since the past six months) I have been noticing a clear white film covering my right eye (which has more astigmatism). Also, my right eye is much darker than the left, vision wise. My optometrist looked for a cataract or a problem with my retina, but could find none. She then asked if I have been having the following symptoms:

My right eye hurts when I move it, I have increased blurry and double vision, I see flashing lights when I move my eye, I have a lot of muscle weakness, and memory loss (since the past two months.) I have noticed I have been developing a few speech problems, and my words are much more slurred than before. My foot drags when I walk, or so people tell me. Whenever there is a change in height (i.e sitting vs. standing), I become extremely dizzy and my right eye blacks out for approximately ten to twenty seconds. My arms and legs fall asleep at random moments of the day, even when I am using them. I am not able to hear as well in my left ear, and I am almost constantly nauseous. One of my doctors said that I might have cognitive dysfunction. I am fatigued most of the time, and depression is becoming a problem (my doctor says i'm acutely suicidal). Parts of me become either overly hot or overly cold at random times.

My question is, what is wrong with me? Doctors say I can’t have multiple sclerosis because I am a sixteen year old girl, but they said the same thing for the arthritis until we showed them that nothing else could be the problem.

Assuming it isn’t multiple sclerosis, what else could it be?

I am extremely worried, and my optometrist says if it is not diagnosed, I may lose sight in my right eye in a year or so.


You do have symptoms of MS. I suggest that you see a neurologist for further evaluation. Doctors can be wrong.