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I had cataract surgery on my eyes in May and June.  Just got my new glasses this past week.  Distance is great and so is reading a newspaper, but on the computer, its different.  I am having a little dizziness when i move my head around.  Doesn't seem to bother when I drive or watch TV.  How long does it usually take for eyes to adjust to new glasses?  My next visit with surgical eye doctor is in September.  I had to have corrective lenses as my left eye was alot worse than my right.  Always has been.  Doc also said there was some astigmatism.  Can this be causing the disoriented feeling?


The time to adjust to new glasses, especially if you have never worn glasses before, varies from person to person. It should generally take no more than a week. If it is taking longer, return to your optometrist and see if the prescription needs to be adjusted.

If the new glasses were not designed to accommodate the astigmatism, then it could definitely be causing some disorientation  Mention the disorientation to your optometrist.