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My son has been saying his vision is blurry for a week so I took him for an eye test. The optician said he could not get an accurate prescription as none of the lenses he tried seemed to improve the vision. He said the eyes themselves look healthy. He has got to go back and have eye drops to relax the eyes to try and get a prescription. The eyes seem to be trying to focus and relax too much. Should I be worried? What could it be? Thank you
JS Hants


I've been wearing glasses (or contacts) since age 3, so 41 years.

First thing, make an appointment with an optometrist, not an optician. There is a big difference in the skill level. An optometrist is a doctor, an optician is not. Optometrists have a much higher level of understanding of the eye and its structures. If you just needed a checkup then you might be fine with an optician, but your son is complaining of a problem and needs a thorough medical examination of his vision. There is much more to your vision than just a set of glasses.

The fact you have to go back leads me to question their skills.

Yes, you should be worried. It is his vision. This can affect how well he does in school, at sports, or even just at home trying to read or watch tv. This will affect his life in all aspects.

It could be an astigmatism. They are common. It could even be a sign of diabetes. An optometrist can detect these signs.

Please see an optometrist asap.

Let us know how he's doing. Good luck.