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In a past two weeks some strange things happened to my grandmother. I’ll try to describe them chronologically.
Just to mention-she is 70 years old and she was living with as in a same house for about five years now.
First, she was complaining on pain in her eyes. She was wearing eyeglasses so I thought it is maybe fatigue of eye muscles.
Then she had some strange disorders connected with her sense of touch. She couldn’t tell if she is touching a book or some soft leather.
That was a bit strange to me and I took her to see her doctor.
After few days of testing she was diagnosed with some terrible disease called Multiple Sclerosis.
But, what frightens me the most is that my mother also started to feel some suspicious symptoms like strange reduction of sight and eyeballs pain. I became worried because I don’t know is this disease hereditary!
Please help!


I’ll try to help you because I’m well informed about this subject.
I am medical student and I recently did some research on this mater.
There have been several studies which goal was to determine if thee any connection between disease and genes.
First proof is that people from different ethnic groups have different tendencies to develop MS.
It is typically a disease that affects people of Northern European heritage. Other ethnic groups such as African blacks, and Southeast Asians—are less likely to have MS.
Researchers suspect that the tendency to develop MS is inherited, but the disease manifests itself only when environmental triggers are present.
Such triggers can be some environmental factors such as viruses and bacteria or even geographical factors because multiple sclerosis is more common in countries with temperate climates, including Europe, southern Canada, northern United States, New Zealand and southeastern Australia.
So, bottom conclusion is that genetic factors determine who is susceptible to some of those outside triggers.