I am 16 years old.Its been a month and it first started with my vision. I had anxiety attacks about me seeing floaters, and pain from light. I would sometimes get a headache but not really, so i didnt think it could be migraines. The doctor said it was prob migraines but i dont get so much headache pain. Then I felt around my occipital lobe, and felt a bump, my mom says ive always had it, but it got a little bigger. Its hard and feels like a bone, but... I dont know if all other symptoms i sometimes feel like, feeling unbalanced, or weird feelings along my body, or muscle ake is just mental or not. I dont know what to do, the thought of a brain tumor is disabilitating and is almost a phobia. I dont wanna die. what should i do? I know my mind might create some symptoms but my vision symptoms are definite:
Floaters all the time, when i look at the sky. Or at random times.
When i close my right eye, my left eye after 5 seconds starts loosing half of myvision but when i move my eye it comes back.
And sometimes pain, and weird feeling.
Do i have a tumor?