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Heya SteadyHealth members and assisting posters. As you already have read, I am a 16 year old male. Sometimes i consider myself a typical high-school student. I am a sophomore and my grades are fair. I like to hang out with friends and spend time with my girlfriend when time allows (yada yada haha). I guess I'm pretty normal, and i understand that everyone has their flaws, and students are constantly stressed and easily distracted, but I think I could potentially benefit from Adderall usage.

If you are still reading, Thank You =)

Last year, as a freshman, I felt so much positive energy. I was always motivated to work and always had enough pep for a night with friends, or a night in my room to finish a project. I worked had to pass my classes, and I felt I fully understood the importance of schooling.

As of lately, maybe the beginning of sophomore year, I just don't feel emotions like i used to. nearly any emotion you can name, just doesn't quite seem to register with me. Things that I would normally do to pass my classes or make it to school on time, I just don't feel motivated to do anymore for whatever reason. Maybe i'm just maturing, and lowered emotions are part of that aging thing, but I am obviously somewhat worried about my loss of motivation because i know motivation is an important attribute for nearly all runs of life.
More short term, I'm worried about my schooling. I just don't do my homework like i used to. I'l manage to slide through my classes by coping papers or something, but more than anything I just want my motivation back.

Another issue for me is Organization.
Last year I felt as I was in Charge of my own office. I made my workspace and entertainment-allowing bedroom as effective as possible. I felt the need to fold my clothes so they would be ready when i woke up in the morning, constantly tidy my room up (I mean like vacuuming almost twice weekly, how many 16 y/o guys do that?), and laying my homework out in front of me the second i got home from school, to make sure I got to it.

That was last year. Looking back, I felt like I was almost OCD, but in my opinion, not quite.
I remember how effective I was and motivated to succeed I had become.
As mentioned in the 4th paragraph, after my freshman year ended, I guess I have noticed a huge lack of "pep".

**I exercise a fair amount. since 8th grade, I occasionally enjoy Cannabis for recreational use...maybe 1-3 times weekly. Sorry if stating that is against the rules, felt like you guys would know more about it than me. I've researched it's effects very deeply, and I don't know if it has caused any of my problems, since I've enjoyed it steadily for about 3 years. But what do I know? I'm 16 lol.**

Now that i think about it, I used to take Flush-free Niacin every morning before school, and every day when i got back home. I actually did stop taking niacin during summer break before sophomore year started, but thought nothing of it, just that it must be bad for my Kidneys to take niacin every day. I've read it increases energy or something, but i mainly took it for the metabolism boost. does enough niacin have the power to motivate me? I don't know, but I do know something changed between freshman and sophomore year, and I'm in an apathetic daze.

I've been meaning to ask my parents to take me to the doctor to see if maybe I had ADD/ADHD. I know a doctor's opinion is important.
Maybe I will be scripted Adderall, or maybe I'm just weird and have become lazy.

Some of my friends take Adderall given to them by doctors for their ADD/ADHD. Today, after being handed a couple pills from a close friend, I promptly biked home and dug up some info. It in fact was Adderall...I checked doses...I looked up side effects...I took 40mg IR,
Adderall with a glass of water at about 5 today. I felt so great. So full of energy that resembled the pep I remember having last year (despite that I did not once use Adderall last year). I cleaned my room, did my homework, went for a run, and hung out with friends at the movies. I just felt alive...woken up from a hazy dream that has engulfed me these past months.

12 hours later, I still mildly feel the effects. I decide to do more research, and found dependence and tolerance for Adderall to be Distinguishingly risky. I honestly don't want to ingest that man-made poison that turns kids into zombieschoolslaves, but it seems so effective....

Thats my life story in a nutshell basically haha.. sorry for the length. Really looking for some advice before I see a doctor.
Help would be Greatly appreciated. Thanks



You should read about Candidiasis as the symptoms include fatigue and the 'loss of pep' you describe.  I am experiencing this now.  I just wanted to mention that incase this could lead you to further conclusion.  It could really be anything though, just read about this and take what I said with a grain of salt.

Always research deep into health issues and do not depend on doctors and family to know what is at the root of your troubles.


There's nothing wrong with you. You just wanna score some drugs cause you like it.