I've been smoking weed for about 2 years. I started about halfway through freshman year (2008) throughout the rest of my freshman year i only smoked weed 2 more times. as sophomore year came around i smoking weed became a social activity i did with my friends when i had time away from my girl friend. By the summer of 2009 i started getting the reputation of a pothead, even though i really wasn't, i just smoked everyday. Junior year started and i just smoked weed whenever i felt like it; neglecting my responsibilities. Now halfway through my junior year, i can't stop smoking. It seems like a boomerang, it always comes back to me and i can't get rid of it. It's affected me so much it's terrible and the thing is i have no clue why it has when some people smoke more than i do. a couple years ago my vision was perfect, my drawing skills were insane, and talking wasn't a problem although i was shy. but now a couple years later my vision has become terribly fuzzy, my imagination has run dry, and using my voice has become awkward. Please someone give me answers i feel like i have lost all of my sanity