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Hi, I am 19 years old male, without any major issues. I think I am pretty smart and I did very well in high school and so do at college and in sports. However, last 7 years that I can remember, I was feeling "strange" about my self. Probably I was like that all my life, but do not remember exactly how I was when baby. :) anyways, I never considered me having any disorder or issue but lately I started to research my symptoms and it seems very similar to ADD/AHDH, however I might be mistaken and it might be totally different thing. Without further word this is how I feel:

1. I very easily get distracted. For example: when I study in the college library or just do homework home I can notice every little thing that is going on or changing around me. I tried to invest myself totally to the work that I do but I can not stop noticing hundred things together :(
2. Often I find myself to forget things or sometimes after conversation with someone I can not thing clearly and I feel very confuse and it seems like me mind is in fog. I just can not process things in the details, it sucks I try to pick a topic think about it to the depth but often its very hard.
3. I would say I am also very disorganized. Time management is one of the great problems for me.
4.  i am also very active but not particularly in a physical or/and talking way but more like my mind is always "on the go". 
5. Impulsivity, i very often do thing that I know might be wrong but just can not inhibit my responses and behavior. I often act and speak before thinking, reacting in a rapid way without considering consequences. I usually rush through assignments without carefully reading or listening to instructions.  I also have hard time to be patient.  I go full swing into situations and may even place myself in potentially risky situations without thought. I have stress in school/work not that I do not do it but I always rush into deadlines after wasting time for doing nothing.
6. Relationships, when I am with a girl or just friend of mine I feel like I can not chill my mind and it is constantly not fit to its place. Probably this does not even make sense :P Therefore very often I have hard time to have a girlfriend or making new friends.
7. I really do not have a hard time to study well or do well in sports.

In conlusion, I think all of these symptoms are a reason to think I might have ADD/ADHD that I was not aware of before. 

Please let me know what you guys think, it will be very helpful for me and if u think it might be something else please also let me know.
Thanks a bunch :))


I don't think there's anything wrong with you. Whats your diet like? How many hours of sleep you get? Are you depressed?

Most of the symptoms you mentioned allot of people have. Try to use natural stimulants such ginko ect if you really troubled.

Also honestly the fact that you did well in school and didnt have behavior problems shows thats it not A.D.D. It will show through your grades, behavior, and tardies from a very young age.