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i am 25 year old male. A Short while after masturbation, i ejaculate. Then I get a burning sensation which lasts for long time. I have not had sex with another so far. I want to know how can i avoid this sensation. IS THE URGE FOR MASTURBATION CREATING THIS SENSATION? What should i after ejaculation to avoid this burning in my penis? :-(


The urge to masturbate is normal, especially at your age and fitness.

Normal masturbation will not hurt you, and the burning that you describe is not normal.

You have not told us HOW you masturbate, if you are using creams, or lotions, or technique (and that's ok) but it's possible that you have picked up a urinary infection.

If this is true, you will need to see a doctor or medical clinic to get treatment to clear it up.
You don't mention if the burning occurs during urination, which would also be a dead-giveaway...and unable to avoid the conclusion that you have an infection.

So, I'm beginning to think that perhaps you're using a lotion or using so much friction that you're producing a burning sensation.
In this case, I would urge you to use something like vasolene or white petroleum jelly, if not KY Jelly or a water based lubricant for masturbation technique.

Most people these days will steer away from vasolene or any oil-based jelly or lube, as it will rot and weaken rubber or laytex. Anything you may be using made of this should be kept away from these lubes or used solely with water based lube.

Also, if you get used to the feeling of vasolene, you may want that if you start sex with another, and that's generally not as good as a water based lube.

Hope this has been of help to you.

Please let us know what you decide to do.