The first day of my last period was Feb. 13th. My fíance and I had unprotected sex Feb. 23rd & 25th (which are my most fertile days) both of which he came inside of me. As soon as 8 days after unprotected sex I began feeling very tired and moody. Just recently on Saturday March 2nd I began cramping. Yesterday (March 5th) and today (March 6th) 12 days after unprotected sex I began cramping both days but today it was more prominent on my right ovary or atleast in that general area. Generally whenever I go to the restroom and wipe (sorry if tmi) it comes out clear but today when I wiped it had a brownish/yellowish tint to it. Then an hour later I once again went to the restroom and when I wiped I had some cloudy/milky mucus. Do these sound like pregnancy symptoms? I want to take a pregnancy test on Saturday March 9 do you think I would have an accurate reading by then considering my period should come around the 13th or 16th. Im going to use First Response. Please give some positive feedback, baby dust to all those trying to concieve xoxo thank you!