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Ok i have been trying to concieve a baby for a while now , and when i get my periods i always get them and they are always on time or a day before or maybe a day after my expected day and they are always heavy so i kw its my period forshure. Anyways the last time i got my period was on Feb-2-12 my next period was due March-6-12 and me and my boyfriend have been having intercourse without protection alot , i am not sure if it was my period or what but on March-4-12 i got really light spotting and it lasted for a couple days but it was very light and faded that i only needed to use a panty liner. For about 2 wks now i have been having pregnancy sypmtoms or to me i think they are i have fatigue, back pain , cramping (although its not normal period cramping its more of very little cramps that last 2 seconds or so ) , when i stand sometimes i feel dizzy , i get extremley hot , and my nipples are verrryyy sore and hurt to touch and when i squeeze them both have a milky/clear discharge come out. I took a pregnancy test and it came up postivie then i took another it was negative and i recently went to the local planned parent hood and they took a urine test from me and said it was negative so i dont know what to think anymore ? Can anyone helpp ???


Me and my bf have been trying for a while now to concieve and my periods are always regular so my last period was Feb-2-12 and my next one was due March-6-12 and Before that time me and my bf had intercourse on Feb-18-12 Feb-19-12 without protection and on March-4-12 i got this very light and faded spotting and it lasted for a couple days and idk if it was my period or not but it was so light and sometimes when i went to the b.r it was not even there but anyways after this i feel like i might be pregant i have symptoms i feel very bloated,back pain, shortness breath, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and my nipples are very sore and hurt to even touch them and both nipples have a milky/white discharge that comes out when i squeeze them. I took a pregnancy test it said positive then another and it said negative and i recently went to my local planned parenthood where they had me take a urine test and it said negative so i do not know what is going on and dont know what to think ????