Hello, Im a bit concerned... My husband and I had unprotected sex Fathers Day morning (21st), in which he used the pull out method. Then again also unprotected LATE Monday night (22nd-23rd) and he did not pull out! My last period was the 10th. But since then I've been feeling a bit "Funny"? First I've been cramping and having back pains since our last time possibly Wednesday morning for sure. I have ate shrimp for dinner EVERYDAY since Tuesday (23rd) today is Sunday (29th) except it tasted a bit different/funny tonight wasn't as good. Also, I've noticed discharge since then, no odor just clear or milky/creamy white it switches up. My breast are sore it hurt for him to just hug me. My cycle is normally 28-29 days. I've had very vivid dreams the past 2 nights. I woke this morning wanting nacho chips. When I cooked dinner today I got dizzy and I also felt sick (nausea) after eating. Friday (26th) and Saturday (27th) I was itching and extremely hot on my way to bed. I almost cried while reading a book and also when, my onion fell out my sandwich onto the floor, I literally screamed! I've been short of breath and also EXTREMELY thirsty since then... Period isn't due for another week or 2; Never been pregnant... HELP!! Could I be...?