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I am pregnant but bleeding. I took my first test Wednesday and it was negative. Then when my period still didn't come Friday, I took two more tests. Both were very faintly positive. My last period was February 13th and this was march 18th so I was very worried. I bought two more tests that were more name brand this time to be sure and took one immediately. It was positive. So I drove the three hours to see my boyfriend and took another in front of him, again positive. The next morning I went to PP and they also confirmed I'm pregnant.

So here's the catch. I started bleeding Saturday morning. The bleeding was brown/black and very clotty. Not enough to stain my undies. I thought this could be implantation bleeding. Then the bleeding got more. Enough so that if I don't keep going to the bathroom once an hour like I already do, it will start to get on the panties. Still way too light to be period but now I'm fearing the worst... Miscarriage.

Some more of my pregnancy symptoms are: peeing all the time, naesea, back pain, HUGE appetite (and I don't eat), constipated then diarrhea, gassy, and very bloated, and I have extreme food cravings.

So im hoping someone has also experienced late implantation bleeding as well and can help ease my nerves. Anything helps thanks :-)


this kinda implantion bleeding isn't so late...and miscarraige, sounds verry unlikely..if you had a miscarraige lemme tell yah you would know, it would be painful if it went untreated...but since you kno for sure that you definitly are pregnant, you should just take a quick visit back to planned parenthood and have them give u a quick check sounds like ur gonna be fine...u should def take a quick trip to PP though just to be safe and sure...hope i help calm ur nerves a lil bit-Jill