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I had been having unprotected sex over my ovulation, at least twice daily. 

My period wouldnt be due until saturday, so i had to take a test as the wait is killing me. Anyway, it was negative. I shouldnt have tested 7 days before my period was due. 

I have been pregnant twice before, so i assume that im fairly fertile. 

Even though it would only be around nine days since conception i have symptoms already. I feel like im coming on my period. I have a really tender womb area. To the point where i reached for something yesterday and i buckled over in pain. I have heartburn. I have a clear discharge in my knickers which i find odd. I also had a metal taste in my mouth last night and its was really dry. 

Do you think what im experiencing is implantation? or my period? 

Has anyone else had these symptoms so early on? 

What about the discharge and the heartburn? not consistent with period, but maybe its a coincidence? 

And the negative result :(

please get back to me on


If your period is due 21st Sept, then that assumes ovulation on 7th Sept. The egg would not be expected to arrive in your womb until last Fri 13th Sept. While implantation could happen immediately, usually it takes about three days or so. Pregnancy symptoms would not be expected for another couple of days.

The negative result would be because the home test is to detect the presence of the pregnancy hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) in your urine. It was far too early, so hCG  was not detected and a negative result was given.

However, you could be/become pregnant. It is too early to say.



Thanks Shepard. But like the last two i did have symptoms straight away. Only time will tell :)