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last month i had my period about a week or two early. Then the same day i ended i started having sex everyday, several times a day. We didnt use a condom. i was on birth control but forgot to take it alot. about a week after we started having sex i started to discharge really bad. Then i started spotting 2 days after the discharge started. i spotted for 2 or 3 days and then i started bleeding like you do on your period. It only lasted for 2 . Then we started having sex again. The last day we had unprotected sex was on the 3rd of jan. and i still havent started my period? I have taken several hpt and they have all been negative. i go to the doctor next week but i was wondering if anyone knew what was going on. AM I PREGNANT? OR am i going to start my period? i dont care either way i just want to know! Please HELP!!!!!!


if you dont take your birth control consistently then you might as well not be on it at all, the pill will only stop your ovulation cycle if you take each pill every day on the hour, you need to keep a consistent level of hormones in your body otherwise you will ovulate and that egg you release CAN get fertalised!

your negatives can be a result of taking the test too early.
please be aware that tests will be accurate by about 21 DAYS after you have ovulated, (about 7 days after you missed your period) although some tests CLAIM it to be 14 days, some womens bodies take longer than this to release adequate levels of hCG hormone to show up on a test as positive.

taking an early response test such as the ClearBlue brands are usually accurate earlier.

otherwise, if you aren't pregnant, spotting can be common when you dont take the pill consistently, missing pills can lead to breakthrough bleeding