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Ok so I am a teen. I think I might be pregnant.. Im not sure tho.

Me and my boyfriend have sex often and stupidly we never use a condom because Im allergic to latex and he has problems staying "up" when we try to use then.


Lately I have:
-been very nauseous
-back pains
-very very light pink or brown spotting that started on the day i usually have my period... the thing is i always have a very heavy period... and i have never spotted... the spotting is so light i dont even need a panty liner
-swollen breasts
-enlarged and slightly darken nipples
-alot of fatigue
-more urinating then usual
-abdominal pains
-and a few other things....

Well all of these are signs of pregnancy...But the thing is i have taken a pregnancy test 2ce(both negative)... the first time i think i took it too soon... almost positive i took it to soon. and i took another on 2 days before i started spotting(on my period starting date).. what should i do?

P.S Again I am young and I DON'T want to go to the doctor and get a blood test because I don't want my parents to find out I have even been having sex... They are ignorant at the fact im even sexually active.


If the tests are negative then you're likely not pregnant. I'm thinking a lot of your symptoms are your imagination which is common when one worries about being pregnant


stress and worry can really mess with you physically and mentally. while yes, those are all the symptoms of pregnancy, they might just be fabricated in your head. there's a chance that the hpt results were false negatives. there aren't overly common, but DO happen. they mostly occur due to testing too early, which means that your levels of hcg if you were pregnant weren't plentiful enough to register. you can wait a little longer (most tests have accurate results about 14 days after your missed period) and take another test. that one should be more accurate. i'm a teenager too, so i know how scary this sort of a situation is. if you have an allergy to latex, you can try using polyurethane condoms (plastic) or go to a local planned parenthood clinic to discuss other birth control methods for you (such as the pill or shots).

best of luck!


I totally agree and I think that people should try to bera that in mind that stress can totally mess with you. How old are ou? It sounds like you're very knowledgable!