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My period is always regular. This month it was about a week late. I thought I was pregnant. But the scary thing is my symptoms never let up; sore, big breasts, lower back pain, nauseau, vomiting, and what worries me most are these new headaches I'm getting. I took a pregancy test, it came out negative.

What could this mean? I had unprotected sex about four weeks ago so if I were pregnant it would show on the test.

Please let me know if anyone has had this or a similar experience.


No your not alone I haven't had a period since 3-16. Had sex on 4-2 through that whole week on 4-7 bled a lil enough for a piece of tissue. Then stopped . 2weeks later started feeling weird Lower stomach cramps but mild headaches Nausea, went to the clinic Urine & blood test was negative, I'm not sure what's going on tho, if this continues I'm going to the hospital for ultrasound did I mention its now may 10 & still no period ?