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Life, Nutrition, and Fitness Trainer Gail Kasper helps us create the healthiest lifestyle that encompasses not only the physical, but the mental and emotional components as well.

Many people, making positive changes to health and lifestyle, tend to focus strictly on the physical side of things. We establish a workout program plan and diet that will encompass what we believe to be “everything” we need to see optimal success.

But, in doing so, you’re actually missing out on half the picture. 

Creating the healthiest lifestyle encompasses not only the physical, but the mental and emotional components as well.

Let me share a few quick tips so that you can live your best life yet.

1. Practice Self-Reflection And Meditation

As best you can, try to take some time each day to simply sit and reflect, or mediate if you prefer. Most people never take any time out of their busy day for themselves to quiet their mind and be alone with their thoughts.

This technique is extremely helpful when it comes to stress relief which in turn will keep you in a more positive mindset over the long term. As a matter of fact, meditation studies have shown to reduce stress, blood pressure, improve sleeping patterns and when practiced in the business world, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and dramatically reduce injuries. I suggest you re-read this last line – this is big stuff!

And if you are in the middle of managing a situation where you are seriously stressed out, you can also use this time to help come up with a smarter solution on how to handle it.

2. Be Aware Of Your Self-Talk

Self-talk includes all the little statements that you say to yourself throughout the day that may impact how you feel about yourself.

Be especially aware of negative talk. Most people don’t realize just how harshly they speak to themselves at times until they stop and pay attention. This negative talk is hazardous to your health and mind. It defeats every action and takes away from your self esteem. Don’t do it.

If you identify a negative self-statement, reframe it and make it positive instead. The more positivity you can get into your life, the better.

3. Get A Support System

Having a strong support system in place is also critical to leading your healthiest lifestyle ever. Don’t underestimate the power that social connections have on both your emotional and physical well-being.

Those who have a strong network of close relationships with friends or family do show lower risk of a number of diseases and tend to be all around happier with their life. Their self esteem is higher.

Reach out and connect with others. It’s easy to let friendships fall by the wayside when life gets busy but do your best to stay connected.

4. Remember To Recharge

This applies to both the physical as well as the emotional and mental realm. You need down time to let your batteries recharge so that you can properly deal with everything that life hands your way.

Burnout is a very real and serious thing and if you aren’t giving yourself some time each week to simply rest and recover, you’re going to start to feel it.

Schedule a massage, go for a long walk on the weekend, or simply indulge in an afternoon nap. This will help you feel your best.

There you have it. Practice self reflection, practice positive self talk, have a support system, and remember to recharge. All of these things will help you lead a healthy mental, emotional, and physical lifestyle. 

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