Plz Dont advice people to eat clay or slate pencil ...its does have side effects if you do in excess .....n m witness of this ...nw m paying off for this ....I almost bedridden only bcz of excess eating. ...over period its get collected in your intestine and stomuch and dont let take nutrients from your food and also interfare if you take any  medicines .you won't be able to take any nutritions untill it flush out from system


Its also true small quantity of clay is very beneficial for us bcz it has strong magnetic power which pulls out toxin from your intestine and body ....make you healthy and fullfilled calcium and b12 deficiency but it will only happens when you take in small quantity and make sure drink lots of water so all impurity will flushout from system with clay

Bt if you take this in large quantity like I did and will not drink enough water than it will suck your  all nutreints as well as iron and also cause infertility so who's trying to conceive and are not able to this can be the reason

Nw who already ate so much clay and slate and facing health problem still can cure their problem by taking lots of fibre with water .take pysillum husk ,flax seeds and chia seeds take this for long period 3,4 months this will flush out all sand particles from system which accumlated in system and you will able to take nutreints again .after 3,4 month to take fibre .. take vitamins and irons and you will be cured....

If you have already taken lots of water while eating clay then I don't think so they will get any health problem bcz clay already flushed out  

I have done so much research on this and I have also my personal experience


So plz guys stop eating clay or slate pencil it does harm to you otherwise you will regret later in life