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:$ I am an 48 yr old Mom of 5. I was able to drop all of my weight each time I had my children, except the last one. I was put on a pain medication that added 55 lbs to my already post partum body. From there it just went up, weight that is. I have been on a yoyo for 16yrs. And I have tried every thing to lose this fat. Nutricianist, with a trainer, diet pills and excercise. None of it I can stay motivated long enough for it to get me over the depressed state of being fat and tired.

I am always tired, always feel like my arms and legs and head are so heavy. I get winded just climbing up my basement stairs, which is why I never go down there. My shoulders, lower back, legs and feet hurt all the time. My abdomen has no strength or muscle tone to it anymore. I have just given up. I have approx 90 lbs extra on me, and I am exhausted all the time. I could literally sleep my life away.

And I have a daughter that we adopted at birth, who is 12 yrs old and is over weight already. She could probably lose 25 lbs and be good. But her eating habits and daily activity is as bad as mine.

I need to find a way to motivate myself and her along with me. I took her and my 4 dogs out to the park and walked all the way around the entire park. It was nice, but I know we should have done 3-4 laps. But I was tired and my feet and legs hurt. Not to mention my lab was driving me nuts. Any help out there? :'(


Weight loss is such an emotional and complicated issue for so many people. Overweight and normal individuals. The hard thing, is that there is so much shame and blame when it comes to weight loss. Many times people think it is due to lack of discipline, but from my experience definitely is not the case. We are battling many things when it comes to losing weight.
There are many things that might be contributing to your loss of energy, excess weight is definitely one of them, but also your adrenals may be totally depleted which will zap your energy. I experienced adrenal fatigue and could barely get out of bed in the morning.

First: lets get your adrenals healthy and get your energy back up (recovering from adrenal fatigue is a slow process but doable)

Second: weight loss... over 70% of Americans are now over weight. In America our foods are changing at such a rapid pace. The nutrition in our foods is depleted, "pleasure" foods are readily available and cheap. What I mean by "pleasure" foods are foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt. Our bodies were designed to crave this type of food for survival. But American capitalism has made it cheaper, faster and more convenient to buy these processed foods that we no longer eat good whole foods.
On top of that our water and air we drink and breathe have toxins that are getting into our system. We are surrounded by toxins every day. The bodies natural defense system, when you are toxic is to surround the toxins with fat.
My recommendation forget about diets, do a liver cleanse. This will not only help with your weight but will also give your greater energy. I would definitely recommend having a coach guide you through it.

I could go on and on about stubborn weight loss, but I will stop here. Keep the faith, you can change your body and move to a healthier, leaner and more energetic being but it is a process. It will take lots of self love, commitment and introspection.

Good Luck!

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