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Im 6 weeks and 6 days pregnant today on 19 January 16.i had sex with my lover December 15 2015.once and we did  use protection.  My last period was early  December  2 or 3 .but im very stressful about it. can  it be my lovers even though we did  use protection. .i don't  wanna  have an abortion i wann make sure first. I don't  know how this  cycle work  i need help please. .


Hi Vicki,

With a period starting on December 2, you'd likely ovulate between December 13 and 17.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days - max, the egg up to about 48 hours.

You can't get pregnant until you ovulate.  You had sex at/near your peak fertility.

The 6 weeks and 6 days IS NOT when you conceived.  Doctors base dates on your LMP.  It corresponds to your LMP of December 2.

With ANY sexual contact there is a risk of pregnancy.  No form of protection is 100% effective.

Hope it helps.