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Hi. I need some answer !! I'm 18 weeks pregnant today the 22nd of Oct. I'm really confused with everything ! I did a very big wrong and I hate myself for it ! I need to know who is most likely the father of my precious baby boy !?. My last period was June 18-23. I had sex with my ex on the 11th of June. Then me and my fiance got back together on the 19th of June we had sex pretty much everyday after my period. I took multiple tests behind my fiances back to see if I was pregnant by my ex I got all negatives until July 15th and it barely even showed then. I went to confirm my pregnancy. And the I went to the ob on August 11 she told me the ultrasound said I was 7w5d but she thought I was 7w2d. Either way both add up to somewhere in my period. My due date is March 25th. I have used the pregnancy calculators and they say I conceived June 25th but are they trustable? Please help me with your opinions ! I really need to stop stressing ! Its taking a toll on everything ! Thanks in advance!


Hi Guest,

If you had a "normal" period on June 18 then you WERE NOT pregnant before hand.  You'd also be extremely unlikely to get pregnant having sex on June 11, 7 days before your expected period.  It would be well after ovulation and your fertility would be dropping rapidly.

18 weeks is CORRECT for an LMP of June 18.  Doctors base dates on your LMP. 

You likely conceived, based on your LMP, between June 22 and June 28.

Stop stressing!  Your fiance is EXTREMELY likely to be the father.  Better than 99% from what you've posted.

Hope it helps.