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I need help on determining who is the father of my baby...I know DNA is the only 100% possible solution but here are my details please help..LMP May 5th..normal 5 day period. My periods are normal 28 days. Had sex with guy a may 11th (bcuz it was after midnight) first he said he didn't finish inside me later he said he did, who knows. Had sex with guy b may 15th (once again cause it was after midnight) once at night and the other time in the afternoon. He uses.withdrawl method and have been doing it for years with no problem. Who is likely the father? My first sono was july 1st n I was 8 weeks n 3 days..they said i ovulated anywhere from the 15th thru 20th..done alot of ovulation calculators and they say I ovulated the accurate are these days? Due date is Feb 8th 2015. Someone please help me any advice I am stressed bad and can't get it off my mind.


Hi Guest,

Your due date is based on your LMP.  It does not indicate when you conceived.  Nobody can tell you that, not even your doctor.

Most women ovulate sometime between days 11-16 of their cycle.  Nobody can tell when you ovulated "after the fact" either.  No "app" can tell exactly when you ovulate.  There are ovulation test kits but its too late.

FYI, Sperm can survive up to about 5 days.

You likely ovulated between the 16th and 21st of May.

Having sex on May 11, day 6, would be very early but possible.

Having sex on May 15, day 10, would likely be just before your peak fertility.

The withdrawal method is very unreliable. 

Guy B is most likely the father.